Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ordering Coffee Overcoming Coffee Shop Habits & Café Ways Professional & Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining 101

Outclass the Competition
by Harold Almon
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
When ordering in a coffee Shop or café get a cup “for here,” A ceramic cup is usually available with a saucer, for the asking. Ok, get a mug, even a mug has much more panache than a paper fiber and the industry standard liner (low-density polyethylene plastic) glass and a sleeve, (a cup has a handle), with a lid under a roof, held near the top, or a metal container with a lid on it: an adult Sippy-cup.

An espresso for here is to come in a ceramic demitasse cup with a demitasse saucer. To the rest of the world this is a coffee.  Learn how to hold a demitasse cup: it is to be held by pinching the handle placed between the thumb, index, and middle fingers. The rest and finished position for the cup is atop the saucer handle to four o’clock.

Learn how to hold a coffee mug or teacup: each is to be held with the index finger though the handle. The thumb is placed above the handle, and the middle finger placed below it. All fingers are to follow the curve of the ring finger. “Handle” for a reason. Use it. The cup is to be picked up and taken to the mouth to drink from it. No blowing and no tongue.  The elbow is to remain down and in. The rest and finished position for the cup is atop the saucer handle to four o’clock. Learn how to walk and hold a saucer with a cup with one hand. Lift the cup using your right hand.  Pour liquid into your mouth, from your wrist. 
Practice drinking a “cup for here” in a Coffee house. Get French Press. Sugar cubes, or packets, never use more than two.  Milk is optional.  And yes, Biscotti can be served at the end of a meal with a glass of Vino Santo (Holy wine) for dipping.  It may also be served and softened with coffee, usually mid-morning or mid- afternoon.  Dip the biscotti, let it soften, it could save your teeth. Dipping biscotti is at best a slightly more sophisticated way of eating a cookie. Ask for a ceramic plate, if you get something to eat. The view you provide for someone else is worth the tax- if any. Each may now justify you putting a tip in that jar in clear view. For this you could carry cash. At some places tips cannot be added to tabs. Short of using a plate, in the Continental style, food has been seen eaten from atop a bag; it serving as a plate. In the America style, food has been seen being beaten from inside a bag; it is a café habit without the same grace.

In a private home coffee is served from a tray. Coffee is dressed: milk and sugar are added by the host or hostess and is passed to the person who is to receive it. In a commercial dining room coffee can be served with or after dessert and it can be provided complimentary. Formally and for festive occasions, sugar is to be in cubes. Sugar tongs are to be used. (“Only horses are to eat sugar from a hand.”) The finished position for sugar tongs is in the sugar bowl, or on the underlying plate, to the right.

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